Coping Skills for Children

The BeCool video library is widely recognized as a teaching source of coping skills for children. This series is the first of its kind to be specifically intended to strengthen the elemental basics of emotional intelligence. Not just a “no, no, no” lecture, the BeCool programs show viewers real-life people their own age responding to real-life conflicts – and emerging either victorious or victimized based on their own reactions. The Stanfield library is the number-one selling conflict management program in the US for one simple reason: our programs make a positive difference in the lives of our viewers.

Stanfield BeCool programs teach three core EI skills. First, via witnessing positive and negative outcomes based on the reactions of the “heroes” of the piece, viewers learn the valuable lesson of impulse control. Secondly, through exercises which help viewers gain a better understanding of others, empathy skills are strengthened. Finally, via tools for self-monitoring and personal inventory, they learn greater self awareness.

Through video modeling, viewers watch kids they can identify with going through a typical school day. They watch them cope with bullying, teasing, criticism and anger. They see the outcome of all these scenarios are largely based not on the actions of others, but on their own reactions.

Kids are taught how to be assertive while maintaining personal self control. As a result, knee-jerk, impulsive “acting out” behaviors are curbed, and kids enjoy greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

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