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The James Stanfield Publishing Company’s research-based “Transitions Curriculum” is the most comprehensive curriculum of its kind on the market. A national bestseller, this complete program prepares your students for the managing the difficult passage from school life to adult life. Through this three-part program, you students learn proven techniques for getting a plan (section one), getting a job (section two), and getting a life (section three.)

“Get a Plan . . . Now” teaches core skills for personal management. Students learn decision-making strategies, the importance of self-control, proven-effective conflict resolution strategies, ways to compensate for disabilities, the value of positive self talk, and how to take a realistic assessment of vocational aptitudes.

“Get a Job . . . While You Can” offers instruction on career management. These 98 lessons include how-tos about getting a job (conducting a job search, writing a resume, completing an application, etc.) and keeping the job (meeting employer expectations, getting along with work colleagues, employee rights and responsibilities, and more).

Module Three, “Get a Life . . . Before It’s Too Late” delivers proven life-management skills. Students are taught good health habits, tips on creating and keeping a budget, how to find place to live, citizenship skills, tips on how to handle a crisis, and more. The entire program features 1,500 sequenced objectives, 600 student worksheets, 300 teacher-developed lessons, lesson-by-lesson objectives with tied-in student handouts, and key assessment tools to be used every five lessons.

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