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The James Stanfield Publishing Company offers a special edition of its best-selling human intimate relationships education program, Life Horizons, for the severely disabled. This special edition uses clear icons for non-verbal cues to illustrate “right” and “wrong” behaviors. Green smiley faces pop up as a friendly clue that sitting happily next to each other on the bus is “good.” A pleasant but exasperated red face pops up when “uh-oh” moments occur, like kissing sessions on public transportation.

Another popular teaching tool for educators of the severely disabled is our “No-Go-Tell!”  abuse-prevention kit. No-Go-Tell! features two dolls, and nearly 80 11″ x 17″ clear and easy-to-understand illustrations that make “okay touches” and “not okay touches” much easier to communicate in a concrete form. No-Go-Tell! teaches four fundamentals of abuse prevention: the differences between family members, friends, acquaintances and strangers; what is “okay touch” and “not okay touch”; what “private parts” are, and to whom and how to report an incident of abuse.

For men and women, we also feature gender-specific dvds on everyday hygiene practices. In each set, your students will learn how to take the perfect five-minute shower; what “good bathroom habits” are, including proper bathroom cleanup, proper hygiene with regard to urination, bowel movements, and use of toilet paper; genital cleansing; and more.

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