Independent Living Skills

The Stanfield LifeSmart video curriculum teaches your students 400 skills considered essential for a successful transition to independent adults. The complete LifeSmart video curriculum concentrates on five major categories of life skills: workforce behaviors, relationships, intimacy and abstinence, personal finances, and personal safety.

JobSmart 1 and 2 concentrates on the importance of proper workplace demeanor. People Smart 1 and 2 is dedicated to educating students about both friendship skills and avoiding dangerous people. DateSmart 1 and 2 covers a wide range of issues relating to human intimate relationships, deals with abstinence, and offers several effective ways to establish personal space boundaries.

MoneySmart 1 and 2 teaches basic financial fitness and offers in-depth guidance on avoiding financial traps. SafetySmart 1 and 2 teach individuals how to be safe at home, on the street, when using public transportation, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

The complete program contains 37 videotapes, 10 teacher’s guides, and hundreds of activities. Our library is produced using only the highest production values, and every lesson is packed with important lessons delivered with a light touch. Humor is employed at every step along the way, making learning a fun and non-threatening experience. Our LifeSmart independent living skills library will hold your students’ interest and help them make the critical adjustment from your classroom to their adult lives.

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