Education for the Mentally Handicapped

The James Stanfield Publishing Company’s Life Horizons is the most widely used intimate relationship education program for persons with developmental and learning disabilities. Currently used in over 5,000 schools, Life Horizons is available in DVD or slide formats. Teacher-determined editing is allowed for in regard to sensitive content.

Life Horizons 1 focus on both the physiological and emotional aspects of human intimate relationships Part 1 illustrates the physical differences between men and women, and underscores the value of all individuals and body types. Part 2 reviews the changes we go through, from birth to old age. Part 3 instructs about the reproductive process. Part 4 sensitively but frankly discusses birth control and stresses the importance of family planning and counseling prior to activity. Life Horizons I closes with non-threatening education re: routine medical procedures and features a comprehensive section devoted to AIDS and other STDs.

Life Horizons 2 focuses on healthy, responsible behavior. Part 1 helps students accept individual limitations and positively express feelings for others. Parts 2 and 3 explain laws regarding public nudity and relationships specific to men and women. Part 4 teaches discernment between private vs. public displays of affection (this chapter features special emphasis on respecting the boundaries of one’s partner.) Part 5 focuses on marriage, followed up by Part 6’s education on parenting. Part 7 features dramatizations of abuse and ways to prevent it.

Life Horizons was developed by Winifred Kempton, MSW, and is the definitive family life education program for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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