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Making the transition from school to work is hard for any student, but often particularly so for the cognitively challenged. The James Stanfield Publishing Company, the leading authority on special education programs, has created special tools for parents and educators to prepare students for this difficult life passage. We offer two complete solutions: “The Transitions Curriculum” and our video classes, entitled “The First Job Survival Skills.

The Transitions curriculum is teacher-led and comes complete with 300 teacher-developed lessons, more than 600 student worksheets, and lesson-by-lesson objectives. No videos are included in this curriculum. However, the value and impact of this curriculum is widely regarded as the best of its kind, and we are constantly receiving unsolicited testimonials from educators around the country as to its effectiveness.

Our transition videos, the “First Job Survival Skills,” are filled with real-life situations and their solutions, which students can easily relate to. The First Job Survival Skills library is made up of three sections: “Surviving the First 90 Days,” “Character, Attitude and Moving Up,” and Surviving Delusions of Grandeur.”

“The First Job Survival Skills” includes more than 15 hours of video instruction, plus highly detailed teacher’s guides. These tools are research based and determined by extensive field research–2,500 employers were interviewed as to most desirable employee attributes. The results were what we call “The Big 11.” Students will learn how to display each of these behaviors to their advantage.

The SafetySmart series offers over two hours of instruction, and comes with a detailed teacher’s guide.

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