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Becoming SafetySmart 1 and 2 is a program that teaches individuals to practice basic safety-first behaviors at home and in the world. Part of the LifeSmart series, SafetySmart can be taught as a stand-alone teaching tool or within the context of the larger program. The LifeSmart series includes sections on becoming MoneySmart, JobSmart, PeopleSmart, DateSmart.

SafetySmart 1 is divided into three sections. The first chapter concentrates on safety at home. This installment teaches individuals how to avoid common injuries, including those that occur in the kitchen and bathroom, safeguarding against house fires, and how best to use electrical cords and appliances. Chapter 2 focuses on pedestrian safety and teaches defensive walking as well as how to avoid being followed. Chapter 3 concentrates on safety when taking public transportation. Attention is paid not only to using bus and subway timetables, but also to smart self-protection strategies.

SafetySmart 2 concentrates on emergency situations. Chapter 4 teaches individuals how to call 911 when police, fire and ambulance assistance is needed. Chapter 5 teaches basic “how to” skills for dealing with police and other civic authority figures in an emergency. Chapter 6 advises viewers how to recognize when medical care is needed and next-steps including self-care and ambulance/hospital procedures. Chapter 7 shows students how pharmacists may be consulted as health advisors.

The SafetySmart series offers over two hours of instruction, and comes with a detailed teacher’s guide.

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