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Becoming DateSmart is a three-hour video series teaching basic relationship politics. It encourages self-control, self-confidence and self-esteem. Recommended by Easter Seals of America, DateSmart is popular with educators and students alike for one simple reason: it offers real-life kids real-life solutions to real-life problems.

DateSmart 1 (Abstinence and the Art of Saying No) features three chapters. In the first, students learn tactful ways to deflect unwanted romantic attention without resulting in unnecessarily hurt feelings. The unique Stanfield “I’ll P.A.S.S.” model is introduced, which demonstrates an easy-to-use four-step system for dealing with unwanted would-be suitors.

The second chapter of DateSmart 1 is “How to Practice Abstinence.” This section stresses the importance of avoiding compromising situations. Chapter 3 concentrates on teaching students the importance of establishing boundaries and how to maintain them in terms of both touching and conversation.

DateSmart 2 (Avoiding Trouble and Listening for “No”) teaches young men and women key skills to avoid getting into situations that can spin out of control. In chapter 4, young women are advised how to avoid circumstances in which they could be victimized. In chapter 5, young men are given valuable tips about the dangers of dating a minor, how to avoid getting a girl pregnant and the dire circumstances which arise when “No” is not listened to. Chapter 6 is entitled “Understanding the Opposite Gender” and illustrates different ways men and women view intimate human relationships.

DateSmart can be taught in the classroom as a stand-alone teaching tool or as part of the entire LifeSmart series, which includes DateSmart, JobSmart, MoneySmart, PeopleSmart, and Safety Smart.

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