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At Stanfield, we know basic social skills are not always learned through osmosis. Even individuals who are only mildly developmentally or cognitively challenged may need to be explicitly taught the basics of meeting people, making friends, and deepening personal relationships. To meet this need, Stanfield has devoted a special section of its best-selling LifeSmart library exclusively to friendship skills.

PeopleSmart 1 and 2 features the Stanfield Comedy Players, comedic experts at delivering life lessons through laughter. PeopleSmart 1 contains three chapters: “How to Meet People,” “How to Turn an Acquaintance Into a Friend,” and “How to Deepen a Friendship.” PeopleSmart 2 focuses on trust and gullibility, and features the chapters, “How Not to Mistake Friendliness for Friendship,” “How to Avoid Getting into Trouble with Strangers,” and “How to Be Attractive to the Opposite Gender.”

Every chapter features real-life scenarios and concrete how-to advice. Far more than just vague statements, PeopleSmart 1 and 2 teaches easy-to-emulate skills that have been proven effective. For instance, in Part 1: How to Meet People, students learn the 10 best ways to meet people with common interests. In Part 6: How to Be Attractive to the Opposite Gender, individuals are informed of the Top 10 put-offs to avoid.

The Becoming PeopleSmart videos are available as stand-alone teaching tools or as part of the entire LifeSmart library. The complete LifeSmart curriculum includes the PeopleSmart videos, as well as DateSmart, MoneySmart, SafetySmart, and JobSmart.

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