Teaching the Mentally Disabled

Stanfield’s “Life Facts” is a six-volume slide presentation series that helps mentally disabled students understand basic family life education and social skills. Created with classroom leaders in mind, this series has been praised by special education teachers for being very teacher-friendly. Lesson plans are included on the back of 11″ x 14″ teacher illustrations, and full curriculum guides are provided, as well.

LifeFacts 1 focuses on human intimate relationships and features two complete kits so teachers can decide for themselves which level of explicitness is appropriate for their students and community. LifeFacts 2 teaches essential self-protection skills against abuse.

LifeFacts 3 educates students on how to manage their emotions, so that they can avoid depression and enjoy healthier, happier relationships. LifeFacts 3 includes guidance on using the four-step C.A.L.M. approach to recognizing, identifying and managing strong feelings. LifeFacts 4 helps students avoid being exploited by financial, physical, social and emotional manipulators.

LifeFacts 5 teaches students about the facts of substance and alcohol abuse, with special emphasis on empowerment techniques for refusal and abstinence. LifeFacts 6 teaches students 22 basic but highly important lessons about health and safety so that they can live more independent lives.

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For more information on the LifeFacts series, click here.

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