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The James Stanfield Publishing Company is the country’s number-one publisher of social and family life education tools for children and young adults with mild to severe developmental disabilities. However, the success of our programs has meant that they’ve become extremely popular with counselors, teachers and parents of socially challenged “normal” children as well. Stanfield videos and other educational media tools are designed by experts in special education and are created to have high-impact in the classroom.

Stanfield publishes over 60 research-based programs. Our social skills programs are available in editions appropriate for individual age groups and cognitive abilities. For conflict management, our BeCool series is designed to have maximum impact at every grade level. BeCool teaches positive self-talk and assertiveness training and helps kids learn self-control. BeCool is the number one conflict management program in America and is taught in thousands of schools across the United States.

We also have a number of programs designed to help young adults manage the transition from school to work. Our Transitions curriculum is the most popular of its kind. Other popular videos for helping students “make the switch” include the Stanfield “First Job Survival Series,” “LifeSmart,” “Living With Others,” and “First Impressions.”

Family Life education for special needs is a sensitive subject. Again, Stanfield is the leader. Stanfield publishes “Life Horizons,” an extensive video library that focuses on family planning and intimate behaviors for adults with cognitive abilities, and also “Life Facts,” a slide version of the same. To help your students understand the complexities of social distance, we offer our “Circles” library, which helps students understand the mysteries of intimacy and helps students know who to trust.

If you’d like to receive a catalog or speak to one of our highly trained staff, call 1-800-421-6534 or email maindesk@www.stanfield.com.

For more information on our other life skills programs, click here.

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