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Due to the extraordinary popularity of our Circles Level 1 and Level 2 with parents, counselors, and educators, Stanfield has created two add-on programs for helping students protect themselves against abuse and STDs. These programs, “Circles: Stop Abuse” and “Circles: Safer Ways,” can be used as stand-alone programs, but are ideally intended as supplements to the larger Circles curriculum.

In Circles: Stop Abuse Part 1, students are taught step-by-step strategies to avoid exploitation. Viewers are shown ways to recognize an abuser, and how, when, and to whom they should go for help. In Part 2, students are taught methodologies for protecting themselves.

In Circles: Safer Ways, students learn the best methods for avoiding STDs and its treatment in the event of contraction. This program goes into more detail regarding the difference between “casual” and “intimate” contact. Further, explanations about how STDs are transmitted–and how they’re not–is approached sensitively but frankly. The section on STDs, AIDS and Intimate Contact comes in two versions, so that teachers can choose the level that is most appropriate for their students.

The James Stanfield Publishing Company publishes a number of effective teaching tools for the developmentally disabled. In addition to the entire Circles series, we also publish the “Life Horizons” family planning series, the “Life Facts” series (slide versions), as well as “No-Go-Tell!” and friendly, non-threatening videos about not being afraid of gynecological exams, explaining the menstrual cycle to young women, videotapes on proper hygiene for males and females, and more.

If you’d like to receive a catalog or speak to one of our highly trained staff, call 1-800-421-6534 or email maindesk@www.stanfield.com.

For more information on Family Life and Relationship Education programs, click here.

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