School to Work Transition

In addition to picking up new skills to successfully enter the job market, many students will also need to drop some old ideas. Though the list of “bad ideas” about the workplace is vast, most of these ideas can be boiled down to a single concept: “I’m special, so I’ll get special treatment.”

The Stanfield Comedy Players, featured in our immensely popular First Job Survival Series, demonstrate this paradigm perfectly. Referring to themselves as “The Young and the Clueless,” they demonstrate with humor all the ways young men and women get in their own way when it comes to getting a job, keeping a job, and moving up in a job.

In the third installment in the series, entitled “Delusions of Grandeur,” this sense of entitlement is approached head-on. Students learn that the employer/employee relationship is nothing like that of the parent/child. The first chapter shows that unlike “mommy,” employers will likely not give bad employees another chance, overlook shortcomings, or always forgive mistakes.

Students are also taught about workplace seniority – and how the “new guy” is never going to be the “big man.” Students receive the surprising knowledge that being flirtatious will not result in a promotion, nor permission to slack off. They learn that workplaces are not party places, nor will the office be filled with people who want to further the new employee’s “real objective” – for example, getting a recording contract or a modeling career.

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