Teaching Daily Living Skills

In an effort to help individuals learn the necessary skills for productive, independent lives, James Stanfield Publishing has created the extensive video encyclopedia of life skills entitled “LifeSmart.” LifeSmart teaches strategies for daily living in the areas of personal relationships, how to get and keep a job, safety behaviors for at home, on the streets and in public, and how to manage personal finances.

“Becoming MoneySmart” focuses on financial fitness strategies for independence. MoneySmart 1 and 2 each contain three parts and come with complete teacher’s guides. MoneySmart 1 has three chapters, the first of which is “How to Avoid Compulsive Shopping.” This chapter teaches the basics of comparison shopping, tips on developing the self-control to wait until desired objects go on sale, how to verify a return policy, and more.

Chapter 2 teaches the life-long benefits of avoiding spendthrift behaviors, including ways to control credit card spending, looking for bulk discounts, and tips for using coupons and rebates. Chapter 3 teaches students shopping strategies that can save them enormous headaches, like limiting products to those of major brands and how to resist high-pressure sales tactics.

MoneySmart 2 teaches students how to avoid financial pitfalls. Lessons are included that teach students how to build a blow-out-proof budget, how to avoid being tricked by shady practices (including TV scams), and how to be safe while shopping.

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For more information on the LifeSmart curriculum, click here.

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