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Attribution Theory is a field of social psychology that concentrates on how individuals explain their behavior. Let’s say a child wins a contest. A child that practices external attributions might say, “My lucky rabbit foot must have made the difference.” A child that practices internal attribution would say, “I practiced really hard. I must really be good at this kind of thing.”

Attribution theory helps children take personal responsibility for their actions–both those that are positive and those that are negative. For our teachers who like working with attribution theory, we present our “Making It!” videotape program, which puts the power of attribution theory to work for you in teaching social skills to your students.

“Making It!” includes two video programs, two teacher’s guides, and “The Social Solution Game,” which reinforces for your students the concepts they learn. Part 1 is entitled “Making the Effort.” Here, students are shown how to take charge of their lives and succeed as a result. Clear examples are given showing the effectiveness of making an effort. 75 unique behaviors are demonstrated for applying the lessons learned in students’ own lives.

Part 2 is entitled, “Getting Along with Others.” Here students are shown how to make positive first impressions and build relationships that grow and deepen over time. Students see why some social relationships fail while others thrive. Over 75 clear actions are demonstrated which can help individuals build strong and lasting interpersonal relationships.

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