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For many employers, a candidate with little formal training but good social skills can be a more attractive hiring prospect than a candidate with bad social skills but excellent job training. The James Stanfield Work Training library is devoted to helping your students demonstrate their strengths to employers. Based on the Secretary of Labor’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills, our Working library delivers to students with mild and moderate developmental disabilities the tools they need to get the job and keep it.

Working 1 is designed for students with mild developmental disabilities. It teaches the importance of finding the right job and how they can prove to employers that they’re the right candidate. Once the job is secured, students are taught about the critical importance of being on time, making sure one understands exactly what it is they’re supposed to do, and the attributes of a “quality worker” in the eyes of the employer.

Working 2 is designed for students with moderate developmental disabilities. This tape was created following five years of research by the University of Oregon. Specific techniques are taught in Working 2 to optimize the success potential of people with moderate developmental and learning disabilities. Emphasis in this tape is on communication skills and how they differ when talking to a supervisor versus when talking to co-workers.

Working 1 contains 2 dvds and a teacher’s guide. Working 2 contains 2 dvds, a teacher’s guide, and a TICE (Test of Interpersonal Competence for Employment).

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For more information on the Working series, click here.

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