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In order to give students the skills required to make good first impressions on others–whether in school, social or professional settings–Stanfield created “First Impressions “. This series features the wildly popular Stanfield Comedy Players, which let students learn by watching the laughably egregious behaviors of others. Using comedy to teach wince-worthy lessons reduces their bite and helps students feel less self-conscious when they discover they’ve done many of the same things.

First Impressions teaches the four basic elements involved in making a good impression. These are hygiene, grooming, dress and attitude. Each is given equal attention.

Students see that a bad first impression can end in a number of unpleasant ways, including social withdrawal, loss of the opportunity to prove oneself at a job, and romantic disinterest from others. They learn that by paying attention to each of the four elements, chances are lessened that they’ll be undervalued at first glance, and they’ll have a higher chance to prove themselves.

Modules 1 and 2 focus on the unique hygiene requirements for men and women. Module 2 features gender-specific tips on grooming, including “mistake-proof” tips for applying makeup and nail polish for women and the fundamentals of shaving and nail care for men.

Module 3 concentrates on dressing for success. Students receive firm guidelines for creating “mistake proof” wardrobes for both men and women, and special dressing issues are addressed for overweight and wheelchair-bound individuals.

The final module concentrates on attitude and covers things such as body language, tone of voice, good manners, displaying a humble demeanor and non-verbal ways to demonstrate responsibility.

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