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Two professional opinions:

“Not only does humor generate divergent thinking, it can also spark student recall long after the group session is over.

Learning can become more enjoyable and less stressful in a laughter-filled group. The establishment of a group environment that encourages humor seems to assist in learning the material by lifting social and academic barriers.

Humor helps to cultivate personal exploration, discovery, play and risk-taking because the shared group sense of humor allows for human error.  Laughter following an inevitable error is less traumatic and threatening than a punitive or judgmental response. The willingness of students to be spontaneous and imperfect will result in a dynamic learning environment.  A healthy group is a humorous group.” — Debra Korobkin, Trainer

“If you as a speaker don’t help your audience to remember your lessons, then you’re wasting everyone’s time. Humor … can help accomplish that needed retention….

Comedy is largely graphic. A funny image appears in the mind of the listener (learner). We may paint this picture with words, but the real joke is in the image that each person sees….
Most memory systems convert abstract ideas to familiar images because they are impressed upon the mind more easily and are retained longer.

Since images are more easily remembered than are abstract ideas, and since humor is largely visual, it stands to reason that using comedy in an illustration will help people remember the ideas you are conveying longer and better. Imagery is expressive, graphic and unforgettable.”– Gene Perret, Trainer


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