Independent Living Skills Curriculum

As the trend continues away from large group homes and toward smaller living environments, challenges often arise because many developmentally disabled individuals have never been educated about basic cooperative living skills. The Stanfield “Living With Others” library is designed to help developmentally disabled students enjoy better personal and professional relationships. Developed by the Ohio State University Nisonger Center, this series has been proven effective for teaching developmentally disabled individuals how to survive and thrive in independent living environments.

The “Home of Your Own” installment of the Living With Others series specifically targets skills required to live well with others. Emphasis is placed on sharing, pulling one’s own weight with common household chores, courtesy in terms of music and television volumes, and more. This module contains four videotapes and features 32 common scenarios, plus a comprehensive teacher’s guide and loads of supplemental materials. Plus, each installment comes complete with tools for assessment.

Through video modeling, students are introduced to the comedic mishaps of the “Housemates from Hell.” Taking a cue from multiple studies that prove that humans learn best when laughing, students see egregious behaviors presented in a funny way, making learning these lessons a pleasant and non-threatening experience. They see the right and wrong ways to handle certain situations, helping to cement “good” and “bad” behaviors firmly in their minds.

Designed specifically for the developmentally and cognitively disabled, these videos feature a high-interest format, repetition, and easy-to-understand icons that help to underscore “positive” versus “negative” responses.

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For more information on the Living With Others library, click here.

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  • I am interested in a catalog and/or sample materials. Thank you!

    Stefanie Tryba Jun 01, 2013 , 4:40 pm
    • Hi Stefanie,

      Thank you for your interest in the James Stanfield Company. You can sign up to receive a catalog here: We have some samples of our programs on our website and also offer a 30 day approval program. This is how it works: we will send you an entire program on a trial basis for a period of 30 days. It will be invoiced and the invoice will clearly state that the materials are being sent on a 30-day approval basis. If you decide that you would like to keep the materials, you pay the included invoice.If you decide that it isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, simply return it.In order to process your order, we ask that you please send the order request on school/organization letterhead. Please let me know if you have any further questions or if you would like to discuss any specific programs.


      Jessie Link
      Office Manager
      James Stanfield Company

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